Friday, November 20, 2009

An Introduction

Hi Everyone!
Climate change is a global problem stemming from the past and present. However, it is most definitely going to impact the future—specifically the youth of today. That’s precisely why UNICEF’s Children’s Climate Forum, a precursor to the COP15 climate change conference, is being held.

We’re the four delegates representing the United States at the CCF, and we’re planning on blogging about our experience there as part of increasing the youth voice and presence in this all-important topic. Hailing from all around our nation, we are:

Pulkit Agrawal, from Miami, FL,
Becca Arbacher, from Silver Spring, MD,
Chloe Songer, from Menlo Park, CA, and
Olivia Zhu, from Saratoga, CA

Coached by Rachael Swanson from UNICEF, we’re all very excited and passionate about mitigating the effects of climate change while empowering our fellow youth. As we engage in discussions with youth from all over the world, please join us on our journey as we discuss our experiences from before, during, and after the CCF!

We’ll also have a few posts on the UNICEF website, Check us out there!

-The Environmental Eagles

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