Saturday, December 5, 2009

CCF - From Becca - Part 2

On Wednesday, each Mitigation workshop from the previous day set up tables in the Main Hall to present the fruits of their labor to the other delegates. The intention was for four people to stay at the table while the rest circulated, but I ended up staying at my table to explain for the entire session. We made sure that other delegates understood the Cap and Trade System and the Annex system implemented under Kyoto, and then I along with Travis from New Zealand, Alex from Luxembourg, and Fergal from Ireland did our best to present our two recommendations. An idea along the lines of our Adaptation Fund has been discussed among leaders for a long time, so our recommendations simply spelled out a method for initiating and running it effectively. My proposal of the Three Annex System, however, was entirely new, and I was thrilled at how well it was received. We were told again and again that it was a great idea, which was a bit of an epiphany for me. I really enjoyed seeing this idea take off in such a fantastic fashion, and we gladly revised the recommendations based on any feedback from the other delegates.

After the Exhibition, the COP Message Group, who was drafting the declaration, presented their work as of that morning. They envisioned several forms of distribution for our ideas and work: the actual declaration, a booklet containing a more concise version along with some personal stories, a video of testimonials, and a visual presentation about our situation. They presented the rough outline of the points they were including in the declaration, as well as a general structure. Comments and feedback from the audience was encouraged, and we all made sure that we agreed with the proposed methodology and phrasing.

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